Monday, April 20, 2009

Painting Day 1

Okay, so it is now 3:30 pm Monday afternoon, and we are not painting, and I have been informed that it will likely be Thursday before we start painting!
We have taken the 1001 things off the walls, taken the trim off the doors and floors/walls, moved stuff downstairs to a paint free zone, and Peter's now out getting some supplies or at least looking at some. We don't have the paint mixed - we do have the color chosen though. And here I sit writing about it all. Well, this is just to up date you.
Oh, the curtains are gone and I mean GONE! They have hung there for 12 years that I know of, and they will find a home just in that barrel out in the back yard, (not the missionary barrel either).
And, thus it sounds a bit hollow in here. But that's all good as it is step #1 to painting!

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