Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Lent is over and this year I wanted to do what a few of my friends have done - not eat or do something for the duration of Lent. Well I decided that my Thing would be not eating anything made with flour (wheat) and limit myself to one cup of coffee per day. Wow, I did pretty good if I have to say so myself and I do since this is my blog! Anyway it was tougher when I went to a funeral or visited and all that was served was made with flour! (And did you realize how much stuff is made with flour, some of you will.) But on the whole I did it and it was really nice not only did I feel better, but it has made me realize that there may be another thing that I could get rid of. You want to know what that is don't you! Well it's sugar - I have such a weakness for candy! We will have to see - Every occasion has candy, New Years, Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, including Birthdays. This is going to be tougher as I can't go to visit grandkids without candies either! I guess I better starting making more things for gifts, knitted or crocheted. Well that's my musing for this morning. Enjoy your day!

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