Wednesday, April 8, 2009

March 2009 Prayer Letter

Sing Praises With The Salmonds

Dear Family and Friends, March 2009

“As for me and my house we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15)

Wow, 2008 is history, 2009 is in the making! We are getting settled into our part of making it. We are writing to report the goodness of God, He is faithful. We have seen our support level increase. GOD IS GOOD!

Diane continues to enjoy the work God has called her to with Tribal Trials. But she can tell you about it better than I can so I will let her tell you. Here she is:
Since our last prayer letter (Sept/08) Bonnie Knight, one of TT's hosts passed into the Lord's presence on Oct. 29, 2008. Philip and Bonnie served with NCEM since 1983. She will be missed by all who have been touched by her life both over the air ways and in person. To God be the glory for all He has done in and through her.
This past summer, we expanded our airing on VisionTV to include Friday 12:30pm and also began airing on JoyTV in Winnipeg and Vancouver. Although Central Canada usually brings the most response from viewers, there were more calls from BC in August than from any other province except for Ontario. Beginning November, we began airing daily on JoyTV Winnipeg, using five reruns each week, and the new program aired Sunday and Friday.
Continue also to pray for the transition to HD (high definition), buying equipment and learning new software, etc. The switch over to HDTV seems to require more understanding than we have.

Peter - back to you.

In January 2009, I started back at the mission full time. Praise the Lord for meeting our needs so that I could. I am now serving as the maintenance man at the headquarters site. My job is in the up keep of the buildings, minor and major repairs. Hauling of garbage and recyclable materials, keeping the yard clear and clean (snow removal in the winter). Also I do the general maintenance on the NCEM vehicles.
Right now I am building small 8' x12' garden sheds for missionaries and for storage use at headquarters. I also have some projects coming up that I hope to have a couple work bees that will help get those wrapped up quickly this spring. So if you would like to come and volunteer for a weekend or a few days during the week or even just for one day, please contact me for the dates and we would be very happy to have your help and fellowship as we work together. Some of the jobs needing doing are listed below:
1. Siding put on to all of the little sheds I am building now.
2. To put metal roofing on the Tribal Trails Building.
3. Some flooring to be laid in the print shop office and kitchen.
4. The trailer home guest suite needs to be finished.
5. Landscaping and planting grass for some new lawn by the trailer and where a plow wind caused damage.
6. Some of the buildings are needing painting.
I am sure I will have more added to the list. ====== April and May are good months for this kind of work, since spring is a great time of year for working outdoors.

Now Diane would like to catch you up on our ever growing family:

Jason & LaDonna Harris, Kristyn
Cora-Jean, Marrissa, Wyatt, Rayna

Kirk & Candace Salmond
Keelyn, Keirsten

Jason & Becky Salmond
Nolan, Makenna

John Salmond & Rachelle Atkinson

God Bless you,

Peter and Diane Salmond

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