Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I am learning about blogs and twitters and I still don't understand but I like it and I will catch on if I keep at it. (Positive thinking, no stinkin' thinkin' allowed!) It's a good thing we have people that help! (Thanks LaDonna!)


  1. You are very welcome! Now tweet away, so we can see what you are doing moment by moment! lol

  2. So I decided to spice up you "about me" info since LaDonna said that you said it was boring.

    I have been richly blessed with a marriage of 31 years to Peter. And given the opportunity to love and raise 4 amazing children. Who have blessed me more then double with the most precious grandchildren. Aside from that, I work for NCEM. To top everything off I edit the "Tribal Trails" program.

  3. Thanks Tammy-Lee, I love the way you put words together (see I don't do to well even with thanking you)!